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Henderson Sculptural Arts:

We design, create, build and repair artificial and real rock waterfalls, grottos, ponds and pools with artificial rockwork and project repairs/recolors our primary focus. 

Only state-of-the-art techniques and materials are used so you know what we make will last for years to come.  

Bottom line: We love what we do and our clients and customers do too!  

Established in 1998:

After moving to San Diego in 1976 and excelling in ceramics and pottery in High School, I began my professional career as a Dental Technician. I studied and explored photography, personal development, and later sand sculpture eventually competing in and winning the US Open, International, and World Championships in Sand Sculpture. I've also won Underwater Photographer of the year from the Underwater Photographic Society of San Diego.

Pursuing my passion, I then went into professional sand sculpture full time, traveling all over the US, Canada and Japan around 1993.  With the arrival of my first child, Daniel, less travel was needed. So in 1998 I researched and began a new career in landscaping and artificial rockwork construction specifically, winning a Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the BBB in 2002. 

A bit more about me:

I graduated from Clairemont High school in 1977, married my beloved wife Claudette in 1993, and had two sons.

I believe that I am not here by accident.  And thus I continue to try and be a blessing to those around me both family and friend keeping a constant ear to the still quiet voice of God.

In 2008 my kidneys finally failed from a genetic disorder and began a tough year on Hemo Dialysis. Thankfully my wife then donated one of hers to me in Sept. of that year—basically giving me my life back.  And so it was.

See some of the sketches that have brought projects to life:
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My latest project:

I'm now working on a new project to help other contractors like me with their businesses and lives at daverhenderson.com. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to follow along and share with a friend you think it would be valuable to!



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